Divas & Dons offers 3 different type of styling sessions for dogs:
#1Bath & Nails only Short hair dogs only.
#2Mini-Groom(Dogs are only eligible for this service if they have had a full groom within 4 weeks and are not matted)Bath, cranberry facial, blow dry, brush-out (light brushing), sanitary, ear cleaning, nail trim nails filed, and scissor hair out of eyes.
#2(Full-Groom) Bath, cranberry facial, blow dry, brush out with 10 minutes of de-matting included, ear cleaning, ear plucking if necessary, nails trimmed/filed, any light trimming or touch ups, complete haircuts, grooming patterns, complete haircuts, grooming erns, shapes and full shave-downs
Prices:An estimate may be given over the phone but please keep in mind it is only an estimate. Without seeing the dog I'm unable to give you an exact price. 
Please note that prices vary by the size, breed, coat condition, requested hairstyle, and behavior of your pet. The cost of service can vary with each visit depending on your pet’s condition. In order to provide stress-free grooming, it is recommended to have your pet groomed often. The cleaner and mat-free the coat, the less work that needs to be done during the groom. Your pet will love you for it!

 Additional Services & Charges:
Flea Clean Up                            $10.00 & up
Behavior Issues                           $10.00 & up
De-mat Ears & Tail                  $5.00&up
Severe Matting                           $10.00 & up
Medicated Bath                         $10.00
Teeth Brushing                          $6.00  
 Nails Cut & Dremelling            $10.00 
  Nail Polish, Nail Wraps           $7.00 & up
 Creative coloring                         $3.00 & up
 Bow ties, neckties, cologne, and specialty shampoos are always free.
 Aggressive and unruly animals will be charged more.
Diva's & Don's reserves the right to refuse any animal for services if it may harm the staff or themselves.

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