Welcome to Diva's & Don's Pet Salon!
Are you looking for an affordable professional salon to take your fury love one?
Are you annoyed that you have to leave your pet all day?
Well, if you answered yes You’ve come to the right place!
We only allow 3 grooming clients here at a time. Turn around time is typically less then 2 hours.
We see each dog as a canvas waiting be created into a magnificent piece of art. The process starts with a consultation, examining how you would like your pet to look.
Preparation of the canvas starts with a cleansing, using top of the line products safe for your four legged family member, removing any dirt and particles that could interrupt the creative genius of the groomer. To bring the canvas, aka your pet companion, to her or his creative starting stage, precision drying is required.
Once the canvas is fully prepared, the artistic process begins
We will groom your pet to your specifications, using professional tools to shape, blend and style, with patience, professionalism and skill. Whether your dog is big, little, long haired or short, we will give you a walking piece of art that will have other dog owners taking a second look as you walk down the street.
Don’t believe us? Take a look at some
masterpieces  on the leash now.
Still don’t believe us?  We will also consult with you during and after the groom, indicating any trouble areas of your hairy family member, guidance of at home care and any further suggestions to make you pet healthy and happy.
No pet likes to be dirty and scruffy. Give your pet the ahhhs that he deserves!  

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